Movies Coming In March!

By 965koit on February 26, 2019
Red Striped Popcorn Bag And Movie Ticket On White Background For Cinema Concept.Two blue theatre tickets are placed on top of popcorn bag.The photo was shot in studio with a full frame DSLR camera and a macro people in frame.

March is looking like it will be a great month to go to the movies! So many movies that I have been waiting to see are finally coming out and kicking off the next few months of epic movies.


March 1st – Greta

The first one if a new movie with Chloe-Grace Morentz and it seems pretty creepy. It seems like a classic story of “nice girl finishes last” when Chloe’s character tries to do the right thing and return a woman’s purse.


March 8th – Captain Marvel

The next EPIC installment of the Marvel movie franchise will give us the first female lead superhero movie from Marvel. This is going to set up the years biggest movie coming out in April Infinty War: Endgame. But before we get there, this movie looks AMAZING! It’s guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic because it is set in the 90’s.


March 15th – Highwaymen

Honestly, I wanted to see this movie the moment I found out who was starring in it. Way before I knew what it was about and even saw the trailer. Kevin Coster and Woody Harrelson star together in this movie about the detectives who hunted Bonnie & Clyde.


March 22nd – US

Jordan Peele blew everyone away with his first ever movie Get Out, now he is back with another thriller. If you like being creeped out then this looks like the perfect movie for you. I’ll let you watch the trailer and see.

March 29th – Dumbo

Disney’s latest live action adaptation is finally coming out at the end of the month. The live action version of Dumbo is sure to help you relive the original animated story on the big screen once again.


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