New Terminator 6 Trailer!

By 965koit on May 23, 2019

Chances are you bailed on the Terminator franchise YEARS ago. Some of us left after the Rise of the Machines, others lasted until Christian Bale went on a rant in Salvation. Few of us have seen all of the Terminator movies, but I am one of those people. Even if you have seen all of the movies like me you might be SUPER lost when it comes to the timeline. Honesty, I have no idea where this new movie falls in the timeline and if any of the other movies happened anymore or not. If I really think about it, I don’t care. I like watching machines fight and Arnold saving the day! Unless those machine transform into cars, that’s where I draw the line.

The first official trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate has been released and it’s more machines blowing stuff up and doing cool things. Check it out!

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