All Orchard Supply Hardware Stores Closing Forever

By 965koit on August 22, 2018

First Toys R Us and now a locally built company will be next. The San Jose founded company Orchard Supply Hardware will close the doors to all of it’s stores permanently at the end of next month. The announcement came out on Wednesday that all 99 stores in California, Oregon and Florida will shut down forever. Orchard Supply was founded in 1931 in San Jose for farmers that needed supplies and 5 years ago Lowe’s bought them out.

Store closing sales will begin on August 23rd and last until the end of September when they will shut the doors for good. Lowe’s CEO has released a statement saying that the will doing their best to find jobs for those employees who will be losing their jobs. Those employees will be given priority when applying for jobs within Lowe’s.

I wouldn’t doubt that there will be new Lowe’s stores opening up in their places starting at the beginning of next year.

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