Sue Hall


The thing I love most about working with the great people at Bonneville and 96.5 KOIT is our commitment to community involvement.

I am a Bay Area native. I was born in Charlottesville, VA as my dad was in medical school there when I was born.  But, I have grown up here in the Bay Area since kindergarten! So, I consider myself a native. I live in San Rafael and am married and have 4 sons. We have a chocolate lab named Miss “Missy” Maple. 

I love taking Missy on hikes around Marin around Phoenix Lake and on Mt Tam. My husband and I try to stay very active.  I am an avid bike rider! I recently purchased a Gravel bike, so I am riding the trails and roads every chance I get! I love winter sports like skiing (both downhill and nordic) and my husband and I love to strap on our snowshoes in Tahoe and take off with Missy! 

Musically, I love Adele! I am obsessed with her songs and story and have seen her perform! I also love the Elton John remakes with Dua Lipa and Britney! I was fortunate enough to see Elton at the Oakland Coliseum at the height of his career and his final show here in the Bay Area at Levi Stadium! I’ve seen the Rolling Stones every time they have performed here in the Bay Area going back to Candlestick Park in the 80’s! And, of course, being a Bay Area Brat, I love all our local music from Journey to Green Day!

The 49ers are my team for decades! I grew up being an Oakland A’s fan…but I also love the Giants (as long as they’re not playing the A’s)!

My husband and I love binge-watching shows. Lately, it’s been anything Yellowstone! (BETH AND RIP!!) Including 1883 and 1923.  Also, Shitts Creek is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! I could rewatch every episode and still find something new to laugh at (and have)! I’ll admit, we also love Emily in Paris (for the scenery and the CLOTHES)! Favorite movies include Elvis,  Bohemian Rhapsody, and Mamma Mia (both)  (see a theme)?


You may have seen me on ABC7 Morning News. I am a fill-in reporter on TV! When I do that, my alarm goes off at 2:45 AM! So I have to shut down by 6 pm. That is, by far, the hardest part of working these hours.  We start the show at 5a-7a LIVE. I love my TV family and once I’m up I am rarin to go! I also realize just how many of you work similar hours. There are many folks up and on the road and starting their day, like me, at 3:30 am!  Working on TV also allows me to share some of the local news stories with you on the radio!!

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy 96.5 KOIT! You can hear me around the clock during the week as I fill in for Billy, Freska, and Morris so they can take time off! I am always here for you Saturdays and Sundays!