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The Life Of A Living Statue

Published by <p>Have you ever been walking down the street when suddenly the statue next to you comes to life?! You’re heart […]</p>

Want to be Inspired? Watch this!

Published by <p>I started a web series called, Meetings & Manicures.┬áIn it, I chat with powerful and inspiring women on topics like […]</p>

Unbelieveable Trick Shots

Published by <p>These guys are amazing! Or they have a lot of time to shoot these videos. Or BOTH. I can’t even […]</p>

Meet The Monterey Snoring Seal

Published by <p>This video is going to give you serious sleep envy. Meet this snoring seal who is luxuriously enjoying an afternoon […]</p>

People Are Awesome Video 2017

Published by <p>I look forward to this video every year because it’s full of stuff I would never do. From parkour to […]</p>