Wet Nose Wednesday




Maine Coon cats are very people-oriented and like to be near their humans; they are known as “Dogs of the Cat World”. Known for their long fluffy coats, big paws, ear tufts and “eyeliner-lined eyes,” Maine Coons enjoy petting and are wonderful companion cats. We also rescue other types of kitties, such as Liliana, who is a breed known as a “Snowshoe.” Approximately 25 percent of the cats that Maine Coon Adoptions rescues are older and special needs, as we have a particular passion for kitties needing special care. Our next Adoption Fair is Saturday Nov 17th, from 11am–3pm at Wild Birds Unlimited, 692 Contra Costa Blvd in Pleasant Hill. Follow us on Twitter at Twitter.com/MaineCoonAdopts.  Learn more at MaineCoonAdoptions.com.

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