Living With Animals: Full Moons

There are all sorts of natural events most of us take for granted, or let slip by unnoticed, and the phases of the ever changing moon are on that list. September s full moon is the one full moon many of us know by a...

Having A Dog Around Makes Kids Better At Reading

While your cat insists on parking its butt on all your important papers, your dog might be HELPING the people in your home read.  Specifically, your kids . . . Researchers at the University of British Columbia...

Pet Of The Week: Cookie

Four cups of astonishingly beautiful floof, two tablespoons of sumptuous green eyes, a teaspoon of a pink nose, and a dash of sass is the recipe for the purrfect cat who just happens to have the name Cookie.  This...

Puppy Vs. Dog Park

Take a look at this adorable video below of this puppy realizing he is at the dog park and he goes absolutely bonkers! Does your dog do this?!

Dog Loses 100 Pounds

Take a look at the video below of this dog, who weighed 173 pounds, and his journey to losing 100 of those pounds! He looks nothing like his old self!

Humane Society Silicon Valley: Cersei

Don’t be fooled by her name – 3-year-old Cersei is a total lovebug. She’s also super zoomie and loves to play with any and all toys. Cersei would love to be your one and only (other cats need not apply). She’s more than...

Humane Society Silicon Valley: Tanner

Tanner is a sweet 10 year old Chihuahua mix who ranks high on the “politeness” scale. He is housetrained, quiet, gets along with other chill dogs like himself, and even enjoys the company of cats! Tanner is the perfect...

Living With Animals: Cats And The Litterbox

Let me admit my very strongly held opinion that cats should be indoor-only animals. Cats allowed to roam outside are at risk of harm (from other cats, raccoons, dogs, poisonous plants, sewer drains, nasty humans...

Pet Of The Week: Zamboni

With his dazzling white fur, Zamboni is a stunner. This adult male guinea pig is on the shy side, but once he warms up, he’s a total sweetheart. His albino coloring and pale pink eyes give him an exceptionally unique...

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