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It’s that time of year again

Published by <p>It’s Daylight Saving Time! That means that you will have to move your clocks one hour back on Sunday morning, […]</p>

Big Cats vs. Boxes

Published by <p>It’s that time of year where big cats will be getting pumpkins, turkeys, and trees! Watch the video below of […]</p>

Why don’t I love this anymore?

Published by <p>To say that I’m excited about fall is an understatement. I love the season. I love the weather. I love […]</p>

Get Paid to Binge Watch TV!

Published by <p>Are you update on all the new Netflix shows? Are you the first one in your social group that can […]</p>

What to do this Halloween!

Published by <p>It’s almost time for the best season of the year, FALL! That means Halloween isn’t too far away. If you’re […]</p>