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Lilly takes her first steps!

Published by <p>For the past week Kristen and I have been focusing on Lilly taking, pardon my pun, baby steps. We sit […]</p>

Ed Sheeran Has A Great Sense of Humor

Published by <p>There are just some artists that give a great vibe like they would be really cool in person.  I get […]</p>

Great, now I’m crying

Published by <p>The day that I had Lilly, I’ve looked at mothers in a different way. Motherhood is such n consuming job […]</p>

Why Does Lilly Do This?

Published by <p>Lilly has entered an…interesting phase. I call it the “raspberry” phase. She keeps blowing air through her lips while her […]</p>

Make Joy Happen!

Published by <p>Take a look at this sweet little video below! Don’t be so quick to judge-this will make your whole day!</p>