Sweet treats you will find on a Disney Cruise!!

The Disney Dream has such exquisite desserts and treats!!  I found these at Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats!  They have a wall of candy and opposite that was ice cream, gelato, and all of these tasty pastries...

Pool side aboard the Disney Dream!!

Broadcasting live from the Disney Dream has been such an experience so far.  It is my first Disney Cruise and it has been absolutely amazing!  There is literally something for everyone on this dream vacation.  It hardly...

My quest for the perfect slice!

There are many things that I enjoyed as a kid that have come with me into adulthood. My love for pizza is not one of them. There is no good pizza any more! Where is the slice of pizza that hits my tongue and makes my...

The Bay’s most popular Halloween candies

We’re a month away from my favorite holiday, Halloween! Which means lots of candy and spooky talk. Of course a study was done to find out the nation’s most popular Halloween candy by state...

Which candy would you banish forever?

With Halloween just around the corner, we all had those candies that we would immediately give to our parents because we didn’t like them. Well here’s a tough decision for you, what candy would you banish...

The Chicken Sandwich Craze Continues with KFC

Just when we thought the chicken sandwich war between Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A was winding down, KFC decided to throw their hat into the mix. They’ve decided to go the extra mile and change their buns to doughnuts...

Heinz Introduces New Ketchup

You’re probably thinking, “what do you mean’ new ketchup’?” Well, Heinz is deciding to add more vegetables to their ketchup. Think of this like raising a kid who won’t eat veggies and...

Is Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Actually Haunted?!

We are constantly seeing videos trying to prove how there are ghosts at Disneyland. I’ve always thought the only ghosts that are there are in the Haunted Mansion because well it would be the perfect place for them...

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