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Is Lilly bored with her toys?

Published by <p>Do babies get bored? I didn’t think they did, but Lilly seems to be sick of all her toys. We […]</p>

Great, now I’m crying

Published by <p>The day that I had Lilly, I’ve looked at mothers in a different way. Motherhood is such n consuming job […]</p>

Kristen’s baby book club

Published by <p>Guys, I’m basically Oprah. I’ve decided to create a baby book club where I will share my recommendations with you. […]</p>

Check out Baby Lilly’s new skill

Published by <p>Gosh. Motherhood is hard. For me, it’s all about freaking out about something and then being totally okay with it […]</p>

WATCH: Baby Lilly Crawled!

Published by <p>She did you guys! After months of hard work and rocking back and forth on her knees, she did it! […]</p>

Is Lilly Being Hugged Enough?

Published by <p>This is something I’ve been wondering lately. Is Baby Lilly being hugged enough or am I hugging her TOO much? […]</p>