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Lilly’s Birthday Party Dilemma

Published by <p>I can’t believe it, but Lilly is about to turn 1-years-old! It seems like just yesterday that she was a […]</p>

Am I too strict with Lilly?

Published by <p>December 14th is Star Wars Night at the Shark Tank. The San Jose Sharks will be skating out to the […]</p>

I just got a bill for $92K

Published by <p>Being a working parent is already pretty tough. I have to make sure I’m doing a great job at work, […]</p>

Kristen’s baby book club

Published by <p>When the thumb goes into the mouth, that means it’s time for mommy to put the baby on her knee […]</p>

Lilly’s big day out

Published by <p>Lilly is now 10-months old, and I’m planning on throwing her a small party on her first birthday. I’ve been […]</p>