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Pet Of The Week: Jack

Published by <p>Jack was Pet of the Week last year, and honestly, we are surprised this fun-loving dog still hasn’t been adopted. […]</p>

Pet Of The Week: Sheba

Published by <p>Sheba is Queen of the Floof. This 14-year-old spayed female long-haired Calico cat is floofy, poofy and a Purr Machine with a capital P […]</p>

Pet Of The Week: Hocus

Published by <p>One glance at Hocus and you’ll immediately have the song “The Look” by the 80s Swedish pop duo Roxette stuck in your […]</p>

Pet Of The Week: Maybeline

Published by <p>No makeup needed, this Maybeline was definitely born with it. Maybeline is a spayed female adult domestic short hair rabbit with an exquisite […]</p>

Pet Of The Week: Butter

Published by <p>Everything is better with butter. Especially this enigmatic Butter.  Allow us to present Butter a five-year-old spayed female American Pit […]</p>

Pet Of The Week: Oscar

Published by <p>The word “grouch” could never be associated with this Oscar. Instead Oscar the cat is extremely affectionate and enjoys a […]</p>

Pet Of The Week: Nyla

Published by <p>Nyla is a Pibble with a wiggle! This spayed female five-year-old Pit Bull just cannot contain her excitement. Nyla loves […]</p>